Regent of Samosir asks BPODT for support to build Batak Five Puak Village on the slopes of Pusuk Buhit

The Samosir Regency Government plans to build a center for Batak civilization in the Pusuk Buhit mountain area by building a village of five Puak Batak on the slopes of the mountain in Sigulatti with the support of the Lake Toba Authority Management Agency (BPODT).

The proposal was conveyed by the Regent of Samosir, Vandiko Gultom when meeting with the board of Directors of the Lake Toba Management Agency (BPODT) recently in Medan.

“One of the proposals submitted by the regent is to build a village for five Batak clans, the development is expected to strengthen the Pusuk Buhit area as the origin of the Batak people,” said Head of the Samosir Regency Bappeda, Rudi Siahaan when contacted, Monday (17/5/2021).

Source: Medanbisnisdaily

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